Monday, August 4, 2008


Well, Parker had his swallow study this morning. He actually slept until 9:15 this morning so he didnt have to go too long without eating after he got up. He did not like the barium, so it was hard to get him to swallow alot. But he swallowed enough fot the radiologist to see.
Parker did not do so good. He didnt do terrible, but there will be no change on the amount of thickening we put in his bottle or any other liquids he drinks. When he had thin liquid some of it went into his airway. We even have to get nipples with smaller holes....this whole time he has almost had liquid going into his lungs (it would go in and then come out). This was not what I was hoping to hear. I was reminded when i was in the waiting room how lucky I am. There were so many kids in there way worse than Parker. I will gladly take a small swallowing problem. Anyways, we go back in 6 months to see how he is doing. I was a little discuraged this morning, but Parker is doing so great in every other aspect and I remembered how thankful I am. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!

This is my mom trying to keep Parker entertained before the swallow study......he is starving!!


the osbornes said...

I'm so sorry you guys didn't have better results :( You are so faithful to recognize how blessed Parker is to not have problems as big as some kids, but I know it all must be so hard on you!

I just now saw your comment on our blog where you asked where we ate for our anniversary. We went to Loca Luna and it was yummy! We used to go a lot when we were dating so we thought it'd be fun to go back

Simmons Family: said...

Bummer... but so glad that he is doing well otherwise! I'm so scared to do our barium swallow I keep postponing it. If Owen aspirates at all we'll have to then consider the Gtube.

At least you know NOT to give him liquids becaue that would be aweful to have that fluid buildup on his lungs. So it's a blessing to know either way.

Looks like he is eating like a champ and he doesn't have to taste those nasty compounded meds... so things are good :)