Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Appointments Tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is our first cardiology appointment in 2 1/2 months!! That is a really long time ,when we use to go every 2 weeks. I have been anxiously awaiting this appointment. I am nervous but at the same time I know that Parker is doing great. I hope that his echo is better than the last.

After his Cardiology appointment we go straight to the Surgery clinic and get his g-tube replaced with a new one. They are suppose to be changed out every 5 to 6 months. I am secretly hoping that Dr. Seib (our cardiologist) will say that when we go to the surgery clinich they can just take the g-tube out!! I wont get my hopes up, but that would be nice! I have even started giving Parker his medicine by mouth so that I can say that we dont use it AT ALL!

We have also been working really hard with Parker on his tummy time. He has started lifting his head up more and doesnt get tired as quickly. He will stay on his tummy for about 30-40 minutes now! By the end of that time he has pretty much fallen asleep or is sweating and crying from being so tired. This weekend when we were around Sydney (she is 3 weeks younger than Parker) I realized how far behing Parker is. I know that he has been in the hospital more than 3 months of his life but it still makes me sad because I know that he is at the age where he wants to explore and move around. I am going to start working with him ALOT and we are gonna learn to crawl!
I will update tomorrow about the appointments. Thanks for all the prayers!