Monday, August 25, 2008

Meet the Eagles

Friday night my mom, Amy (my sister), Parker and I went to meet the Eagles at Arkansas Baptist. My sister, Kelsey, is a cheerleader this year. It is a time when all of the parents and student gather at the football field and they introduce all of the members of the fall sports teams. It was alot of fun to go to my old high school where I use to cheer. We sat through some sprinkles of rain and some lightning, but it was worth it--to be there for Kelsey!
That same night My Dad, Cory (my brother), and Dennis went to see my other brother, Justin, at meet the Bruins. He is a football player at Pulaski Academy. There events were on the same night at the same time. The girls went to Kelsey's and the boys went to Justin's!

Notice Parker's fan!! He was the only one not sweaty!

Kelsey in the girl on top of the stunt. They did really good!!

Parker had to wear his Eagles colors!! The highschool cheer team doesnt have their uniforms yet, so they had to wear a camp outfit.