Friday, August 1, 2008

Prayers for study

Ever since Parker was born we have had to thicken any liquids he receives by mouth with rice cereal. We make it nectar consistency. It is great for the extra calories and it helps him swallow his formula easier. We had to start doing this because he would aspirate (go into his lungs) due to being on the ventilator and just being a heart baby.
Well, Monday morning Parker is having a swallow study done. This is where they feed him nonthickened liquid and watch him swallow it on x-ray. If he passes we wont have to thicken his formula or apple juice anymore. He will finally be able to use a sippy cup (you cant put thickened liquid in a sippy cup because it wont go through the valve). This is also one step closer to getting his g-tube taken out. He cant take his medications by mouth because they arent thickened so we have to use the g-tube for this (this is the only thing we have used it for in over 3 months!!) I remember the day he drank 2cc of formula....i was so excited!! I called my mom and my friends (of course they thought I was crazy and didnt understand). We have come a LONG way since they. This has been a long journey, but short compared to others.
When we have to go to the hospital and do things like this it reminds me that Parker is sick. Sometimes I forget because he seems so healthy. The g-tube and giving him 7 medications 3 times a day and him getting so tired from holding his head up all just seems so normal to me now. God has been so good to us...we are so lucky.
Please pray for Parker. The hardest part is going to be that he cant eat until after 10:30 that morning!! He is going to be starving! Thanks for all of your support!!


Simmons Family: said...

I'm sure Parker will do fantastic!! I always hate those swallow studies...especially when they start offering all the different textures. Hopefully things will go smoothly and he can start using that sippy cup!

Parker gives me so much hope that Owen will start soon enough. I can't wait until he takes that first cc by mouth... anything is an accomplishment!

I'll say an extra prayer that he can get that gtube removed SOON!!!