Monday, November 7, 2011

Parker's bday party!!

This weekend we had Parker's 4th birthday party at a bounce house place. We always try to do it early since his birthday is usually the day before or after Thanksgiving.
The party location was a bounce house warehouse with tons of huge inflatables and Parker was in Heaven!!! I also got his birthday shirt off Etsy, isnt it so cute?! It has Buzz Lightyear in the Four because that was the theme.

After jumping for 1 1/2 hours, we had pizza for everyone.

And then cake. My mom and I make Parker's cake every year. Buzz was kinda hard this year =)

Parker was so thrilled to have everyone singing him happy birthday. He had this huge grin on his face the entire time!!

I think this was the best birthday party yet, they just keep getting more fun as he gets older =)

Since Parker's birthday is so close to Christmas and he just received so many gifts while he was in the hospital, we asked all of the kids to bring unwrapped toys for Parker to give to the kids at Children's Hospital. We have so many toys to take and I am so excited to show Parker the joy of giving! I think a few of the kids are going to come with us when we take the toys!

A funny story: Parker's friend Sydney could not stand that she wasnt taking Parker a present. So, she went and found an old toy in her closet and competely wrapped the present all by herself and told her mommy that Parker would love it!

It was a really old blue babydoll!! She said it was a boy because it was dressed in blue and didnt have any hair =)

Parker was thrilled (Daddy not so much =))!! He has not put that doll down! I think he mostly loves the fact that it is from Sydney!

Still can't believe my sweet little baby is 4! Thanks to everyone who came to the party...It was so special to Parker! I think he will be talking about it until Christmas!