Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Last week at school the kindergarten had "kite day" for the letter "K". Parents were asked to attend if they could to help fly the kites. It was a windy and pretty cold morning.

We got Parker's kite up a few time but he mostly just liked running with it =) It so fun to show up at school and see Parker's face light up because Im there!! He is so cute around all of his friends.

I love this time of year because it means lots of football! My brother's team has made it to the playoffs and Friday night was the first round. We won 62-7 and Justin (my brother) scored the last touchdown! We head to the second round this Friday night...it's so exciting!! And it is such a fun time to get to spend with my family!

A few funny pictures from my phone....Parker thought it was hilarious that he put Woody's hat on our dog, Bentley. He asked me to take a picture...

Bentley doesnt look too thrilled =)

School update: I competely finished all of my clinical hours yesterday!!! I have one test and a project left. I can't believe I am so close to being finished. Im sure all of my family and friends are ready for it to be over so I will stop talking about it =)

Cardiology update: We went to the Cardiologist last week and Parker is doing great! His pulse ox did drop a little from last time. so I am going to check it once a month and just keep an eye on it. No worries and we dont have to go back for 4 months! Can you believe the next time we go it will almost have been one year since he had surgery...wow! time flies when everyone is healthy and happy =)