Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween this year was full of fun events!! We attended a fun festival at the church!

Of course, Parker was so excited to see Mallory!

We also got to play with Tyler the dragon!

On Friday night we went to a party at the country club

Parker was Woody for Halloween! He has been talking about being Woody for a few months. Isnt he the cutest Woody!??

We did lots of trick or treating in my grandmother's neighborhood and our neighborhood. By the end of the night Parker was a professional!!

We had such a fun night! He was so into it this year!

Something I want to remember: Parker has a big huge woody stuffed animal and a little woody doll.....the other day he asked me if the big one was woody's daddy. Just something cute I dont want to forget =)


the osbornes said...

cute!! I'm trying to figure out how in the world we missed you at both LRFBC and PVCC!! we went to both of those, too!