Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fishin' at the creek

This week Parker is learning the letter "F" and the school organized a day for the K-3 class to go Fishin' at the creek. Fishing and fish for the letter "F". All of the parents were invited and it was so neat to see Parker in his school element. The kids walked outside in a line with the their finger over their mouth, so disciplined!

The kids were so good sitting on the blankets listening to the teachers.

There was facepainting! Parker's favorite teacher (besides his own) painted a football on his face and he was so proud!

There was side walk chalk. It was so funny, all the kids laid down on the parking lot and had their parents trace them.

It looked so funny with the body tracings all over the parking lot.

There were also bubbles!

....And horshoes!

And then they "fished". It was actually the teachers behind a table putting bags of candy on the hook. But the kids LOVED it!!

I feel sorry for the teachers after the kids ate all that candy =)

Then, we finished the morning with a picnic lunch. Parker was so excited that we were there!

This is his little group of friends...arent they so cute!!

It is still so hard to believe that Parker is in real school! He is learning so much and LOVES his school, friends and teacher!