Monday, February 14, 2011

My sweet valentine

Happy Valentines Day!!

Parker's Vday party isnt until tomorrow at school but he had to dress the part on the actual "holiday". My boys have been so sweet to me today and I have gotten lots of kisses from my sweet little Valentine!

This week we have had more crazy weather and Parker has gone to school two days out five!

This was Thursday (bundled up in the 12 degree temps). We didnt play too much because it was just so cold!

And this was Sunday (no coat and 70 degrees!). We have played way more in this weather!!
This picture is kinda funny. My neighbor has a really pretty back yard. We were playing back there and Parker climbed on these rocks and this is him trying to pose for a picture =) Cutie!


the vance's said...

Love that Vday shirt!! He is too precious!!!