Friday, November 5, 2010

I have some catching up to do....

WOW! It has been a really long time since I have blogged. I stopped for so long that it seemed like so much work to get started again. I decided to just do a catch up post with a few pictures from the last few weeks. We have been busier than I ever thought possible! Work and school has been crazy for Dennis and I. A few weekend ago, Dennis and I were able to go to a Razorback game in Fayetteville and it was a much needed break!

We have had a few weeks where the weather was beautiful and all Parker wanted to do was play outside! Now it is starting to get cold and dark earlier =(

Last weekend was Halloween. I got Parker a cheap and easy costume to wear to school. He was spiderman. I could not believe that he kept that mask on all day!! Here he is showing his muscles.

For halloween parker was a dragon, but he said he was a dinasour. We also got to play with this cute lady bug!!

We stopped by Brittani's house to trick or treat and then headed to the church for trunk or treat. Parker got to shoot a gun!!
Then we made our way to my grandmothers house.
We finished the evening with trick or treating in our neighborhood (I just love the back of Parker's costume!) and then headed over to the neighborhood Halloween party.
This is Spencer, Parker's new best friend. He lives one house down (how nice is that?!!) and they just figured out a few weeks ago that they are best friends.

So much more has happened over the last few weeks, but that pretty much sums it up. I promise I am going to do better.
We have a big event this weekend....Parker's 3rd bday party!!