Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day

8 years ago (in March) my boyfriend (a Marine) of 8 months got a call that changed our lives forever. I will never forget that day....he showed up at my house after work, just like he did every day, but this time he had a funny look on his face and he was acting strange. He pulled me into the living room and he didnt have to say a single word...I knew that he had gotten "the call"...he was going to Iraq. I asked how long and he told me that he was leaving in 8 days. That night a huge snow and ice storm came to Little Rock, we lost power and no one could get anywhere. I didnt see him for 5 days after that!! That meant that I only had 2 days with him before he had to report for duty.

At this time war hadn't been declared yet and no one knew what was happening. I remember trying not watch the news but in March war was declared and Dennis was there. After he left the states I didnt hear from him for 3 months. The first time I heard from him was on a satelite phone with a 10 second delay. He had 120 seconds to talk to me. The entire time I could here men yelling out how much time they had left (30 SECONDS!!). I got a call like that once a month (I was so grateful for those calls). The main way we communicated was through letters. I probably didnt receive a letter for about 2 months after he left. We learned so much about each other during that time. We allowed this hard time to make our relationship stronger but so many relationships around us were crumbling.

The day he came home was an amazing day and I will never forget that hug!

That year of our lives changed us and really made us who we are and made our relationship what it is. There are so many families that have gone through this countless times and continue to serve this country. Those men and women are amazing and our country is so blessed to have them.

Dennis is an amazing man and he truely is my hero.

Thank a veteran today!