Thursday, November 18, 2010

Open Wide!!

Today was Parker's first dentist appointment! I was very nervous because he really hates to get his teeth brushed. I mean HATES!! But he was so great!

The dentist office we went to was only for kids and the waiting room was so neat!! They had a huge tree in the middle of the waiting room and in the middle of the tree trunk was a bench and a tv with a fun movie playing. There were dump trunks and video games. Parker had so much fun! The actual exam room was even fun...they had tvs with cartoons playing in the ceiling so that when the kids lay back they can watch a movie (and hopefully be distracted). Parker was so excited to climb up in the chair but got kind scared when they leaned it back. You can see in the picture that he is holding on for dear life! He never cried or got upset! What a big boy!
He had a great report, his teeth look good and we will go back in 6 months to have an actual cleaning (Yikes!).
A little funny story: For the past week I have been telling Parker he is going to the dentist and what will happen. Everytime I told him he was going to the dentist he would say, "Mom, dont say that! Its daddy!" I realized that he thought I was saying "Dennis" instead of "dentist" and he did not like that I was calling Daddy by his real name! ...... and yes, Parker started calling me Mom, so sad =(