Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zipper club

Everyone that knows me or reads my blog knows that Parker has had 2 open heart surgeries (OHS) in his short little life. Because of this he has MANY beautiful scars on his abdomen. The actual scar from the OHS looks really good and is pretty faded. The other scars from his 5 chest tubes and g-tube are the ones that are pretty noticeable. These scars are going to be messed with at least one more time for his 3rd surgery.

I knew the day would come when I would have to explain to Parker about his "zipper" scar, but I never expected it to be so soon.

This past weekend Parker pointed to the many scars on his chest and said, "mommy, what's that?" It kind of took me off guard because he has never noticed them before. I told him that he had surgery when he was a little baby and that God gave him a very very special heart. I know he kind of understands but probably doesnt understand much about this but I want him to know that his scars arent bad and to be proud of them. He has asked me a few times since then "what is that" while pointing to his chest and I tell him the same thing.

After Parker asked me that last weekend, it brought up some memories that only a heart mom can have.

This is the last picture I have of Parker with a smooth, non-scarred chest. He was 7 days old and only hours before they took him into his 13 hour surgery. He looked so healthy, how could he only have half of a heart? Secretly I prayed to God that they would open him up and find that he had a normal heart and that they had made a mistake. Silly, huh?

I sat there for hours touching his smooth chest, trying to picture what my baby was going to look like when they brought him back out. I never could have imagined how beautiful he was going to be and much I would love his scarred chest.

I wouldnt change Parker for anything. All that he has been through is going to make him such a strong boy and man. He has such an amazing testimony and I cant wait to see how God uses him to touch and change lives.

Pray for Parker,that he will understand and wont be scared. Pray for me, that I will know the words to say.


Lyndsey Perez said...

Kali, you have me in tears. Such an amazing little boy!!! You are all so blessed to have each other. I will definitely be praying for you guys and that handsome little man!