Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Kalihunter is the log in name my husband gave me when he signed me up for the online hunters education class a few weeks ago. He has high hopes for me =) So, we have been working through the class together and he has been teaching everything he knows about guns, ammunition and safety. Once I finished the online final exam, I had to go take a written exam. I was a little nervous because of how excited Dennis was that I was going to be a legal hunter (not that I hunt or anything) and I did not want to disapoint him. I went into the classroom (which by the way was at my old high school, weird!) and opened my exam booklet and the test was 100 questions!! I became a little more nervous but I got really nervous when I looked at the answer sheet and saw that almost half the test was FILL IN THE BLANK!!! I did not want to have to go outside and tell me husband that I failed...I dont know the internal parts of a shot gun shell!!

Well, I spent 45 minutes taking the test and missed 14 questions. Thats right, I made an 86%....I passed!!!

Here I am with my temporary hunting license. I am so glad that is over!! Havent decided if I am going to let Dennis talk me into hunting with him.