Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mallory is 1!!

I cannot believe that Mallory is 1!! Mallory's mommy, Diane, is one of my very best friends.

Here is Mallory exactly one year ago. She was the cutest and sweetest baby. Now she is a big girl and is pretty much walking.
We had her first birthday party in our back yard. It was the coldest day we have had in a while! Last week it was in the 100's and Saturday it was in the 60's. I thought the weather was perfect (maybe a little windy). We set up the bounce house and the kids had a blast.
Here is Mallory with her cute "smash" cake. She was so funny, she just did not want to get dirty!
Parker didnt mind....he would not stay out of her cake.

Isnt she the cutest thing!! (Yes, that is Parker's hand and fork sneaking a bite of cake).

Look at those teeth! She is literally always smiling!
Mallory with her amazing parents, Diane and BJ.

All of my favorite girls were there. (Diane is going to hate this picture because her hair is blowing, but I dont care because you put a HORRID picture of me on your blog!)
While we were cleaning up, Parker and Mallory played so great together in the den. It is so fun that Mallory is getting old enough to "play" with Parker. HAPPY 1st BIRHTDAY MALLORY!!
We love you!!


Brian and Kambry said...

SUUCH cute kiddos. i love keeping up with your blog!