Thursday, September 2, 2010

Friends! and Meet the Eagles

This past weekend, I attended a baby shower for my fun friend, Hannah. It was a mini reunion. All the girls that came were from high school and it was so fun!! We caught up with each other and we reminisced about our high school days.
I left without any makeup on because I was laughing to hard!! It is so awesome to have this many friends that I have known for over 10 years and most for 20!!

Tuesday night was meet the Eagles at my brother's high school. It is so fun going back to my high school! All of the football players and cheerleaders were out on the field signing autographs!! So funny! There was a competition between all of the elementary students to see who could get the most autographs. The picture above is one of my sisters best friends and Here is Justin....

Parker loves going to see Justing play football. He screams for him. I tried to get it on video but I kept missing it. I will for sure get it on video soon!! Below is another football player who loves Parker!

I am so happy that Parker loves to go to football games! He really is so good at them.
Our house is getting ready for some Razorback football this weekend! This is my favorite time of year!!