Monday, March 16, 2009

State Champs and lately

Last week we went to Hot Springs and watched the Arkansas Baptist High School boys basketball team win the state championship!! It was so fun to watch and the crowd was amazing!! The last time they won state was 10 years ago. I was there, but I was a cheerleader at that game. This time my sister was the cheerleader. I started missing the good ole days of highschool and then I actually remembered them and got over that feeling. I am so proud of my wonderful high school and sooo very proud of my beautiful sister!

Parker had so much fun cheering on the Eagles!

Just after winning. I cant remember the exact score, but we won by like 10-12 points!

Here is Parker going to find Kelsey in the crowd.

This is my sister Kelsey, isnt she pretty?

The next night we went out to eat for my grandmother's birthday. Here is mimi and Parker..

Last night Stephen, Sarah and Sydney came over for dinner. Parker and Sydney had so much fun together!! They also made green rice crispy treats for st patty's day!

Parker always tries to kiss Sydney!!

This is me, Parker, Sydney and Sarah

Notice Parker bending down to pick something up from standing!! He has been working so hard to do that at therapy!

Look at all those teeth!!

Kissing mommy!
Parker is still mostly crawling, but he is walking so much more!!! When we arent looking he will walk across the room, but when we want him to he wont do it!! He is so stubborn!


Sarah said...

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