Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not feeling good and appt tomorow

Well, today Parker is not his happy self. He had a temperature at lunch and has been sleeping most of the day. Tylenol helped bring it down, so we will see how he is in the next hour or so. If he isnt better I guess we will be off to the pediatrician!

Tomorrow we have the always dreaded but anticipated cardiology appointment. I never want to go because I am always afraid of bad news, but I always want to go so I can know how Parker's heart is doing. Everytime we go I hope for that relieved feeling I get when Dr Seib walks in the room and tells us that his echo looks the same and everything is good. Please pray for the appointment tomorrow. Parker hasnt been doing well with doctors or nurses lately. Whenever they get near him he just starts crying uncontrolably (I totally understand why, but it just makes the appointments so hard for me--I hate to see my baby crying like that!). I am taking bubbles this time for during his echo. I hoping that they will help keep him occupied and STILL!!! I will let yall know how it goes. Thanks for the prayers.


Sarah said...

Sydney will say a prayer for Parkers appt. tom. I hope Parker gets to feeling better. I hope its just teeth maybe?

Susie and Trent said...

Praying that all goes well tommorrow! I started letting Teagan have a sucker during her echos and that seems to be working great (a little messy though!) Looking forward to an update post- appt.!

The Wilson's - Rick, Megan, and Emilee said...

good luck tomorrow Parker! You will be in my prayers tonight