Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sneakpeak and my new favorite toy!!

Most of the time I dont go around and announce that it is my birthday. Well My birthday was this week and the only reason I am posting about it is because I got an iPhone from my sweetie. Let me tell you...I was happy with my normal doesnt do much cell phone...It made calls and took pictures (isnt that all I needed?) NOOOO, I need so much more!!! This phone is amazing and I am addicted! There is even a blog icon! it takes me straight to my blog and I can post from the phone with pictures and everything! It is so easy (I am not smart when it comes to gadgets!!!). When I first got it I was really nervous. It didnt matter if I messed up my old boring phone, but now I have this amazing exciting phone!! I knew how to use my old phone and didnt want to learn something new. There wasnt anything to is just simple and sooooo fun!! Anyways, I will stop going on and on about my fun new toy..... I cant wait to post from it!!
Now.....Parker had Easter pictures made today with a LIVE bunny!! He did so good and smiled the whole time. I think he was flirting with the photographer. I took this one picture from the back of the room before she caught me (it is apparently frowned upon to take your own pictures in a photography studio!!). This isnt the best picture and you cant even see the backdrop all that well, but I just wanted to give a sneakpeak of Parker's adorable Easter outfit!!! It is a vest and a tie with brown slacks. He was kinda turned when I took the picture and his vest and pants arent fixed, but you can still get the idea of how cute he will look on Easter! He just looks so old!! The professional pictures turned out so cute!!
The entire session Parker was so sweet to the bunny (not pictured above). By the end of the session I guess he got more comfortable with the live bunny. He grabbed both ears, picked it up and threw it across the room. Dont worry the bunny is fine, but I was a little embarrassed!!! Luckily, everyone just laughed!!


Bogie said...

wow! that looks nice... God bless you!