Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Silly boy

The other night my two sisters (Amy and Kelsey) thought it would be hilarious to put Parker in Amy's tall Ugg boots. Ok, I thought it was pretty funny too!!!

Today, Parker thought it would be fun to get in his bumbo. Yes, it is still in the corner of my office! He squeezed through all of his toys to get back there and when he finally go into the bumbo he thought it was the funniest thing. He also thought it was so funny that he couldnt get out without Mommy's help! The funny thing is that he still pretty much fits in it!! Someone needs to put some meat on that kids bones! (He does weigh a whopping 19 lbs!!!)
Just thought I would share some pics of my fun little man!


The Simmons Family said...

So adorable!! I wish I could borrow his Physical Therapist.... we have been through TWO already and the last one just had a baby. Now we are looking for another.

I'm amazed how quickly Parker picked up on crawling and walking. I'm sure there were some tears shed during PT sessions... that's our problem Owen turns BLUE and then we are forced to stop working with him. OR.. his pT's just stop because he complains and they hold him... BAMM.. he's got them suckered in.

I'm so bummed he's still not crawling... or even putting weight in his little feet.

WAY TO GO PARKER... you seriously give me TONS of hope!

The Wilson's - Rick, Megan, and Emilee said...

Sooo cute! My friend Kim has a two year old and he has worn Ugg boots... so funny!