Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yesterday was a big day for Parker

Well, MDO went very well yesterday. The teahers said he cried a little but he played most of the time and was happy. They said h ate ALOT of cheerios...Whatever it takes!

MDO was over at 11:30 and he had PT at 12:00. He was so tired after MDO, I kinda felt bad that he had to go work at PT. When I went to pick him up his therapist said that he wasnt himself, he cried and was so tired. I might have to change his schedule around because I really want him to continue to go to MDO, I think he will learn so much from being around other kids. Also, at PT he had an occupational therapy consult. She said that he is far enough behind to qualify for OT once a week. We decided rather than going to Easter Seals another time during the week that Dennis and I would work with him at home for a while. She gave us some things to work on--like ways to "structure" his play time. If we think he isnt making any progress with us then he will start going to OT at Easter Seals. She said that it is expected for him to be delayed because he is so delayed with his physical development, but she doesnt want to wait to start working with him. So, Dennis and I have alot to work on at home. I dont want them to think we dont care. Pray that he will respond to us working with him and that we can be patient with him!!
Here is Parker in the car after his tiring day.


The Simmons Family said...

LOVE the picture of Parker chillin' in the car seat!

We have OT as well (but they come to the house or else we wouldn't).. anyway... they mostly work on fine motor stuff. It's actually ALOT easier to do at home.

We do a lot of pointing at things, pushing buttons, sing songs with our hands (twinkle, twinkle), pulling toys out of a box and tell him what it is (bear, ball, duck). We have started working on the chunky crayons and help him scribble on the paper (NOT eat it). I bought playdoh to let him smash. I'll pour white rice in a little pan and hide objects (crayon, pencil, ball, block) and have them pick them up... try to teach him to identify them.

Just some ideas. Really that's all they do and it's FUN to be creative. You could even make it a part of time at the office.