Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Steps!

Today Parker had MDO and he did amazing!! I walked in and I see him coming down the hall in a walker with a huge smile on his face!! All of the teachers told me how good he did. They said he didnt cry at all. And he had ALOT of food on his face....that always means he had fun! I worked all night at the hospital last night so, after I dropped Parker off I went home and slept until it was time to get him (about 2 1/2 hours). After MDO I took him to PT. He did alot better this week, he wasnt so tired (could be the change in meds).

Dennis and I went to pick him up and we walked around the corner and just stuck our heads in the door so we could watch him without him seeing us. We looked in and we saw Parker walk 4 steps all by himself!!!! We could not believe it! We went in and he walked a couple of steps to me--he had the biggest smile on his face!!! It just melted my heart. He has worked so hard for this. His therapist thinks that we should get his leg braces next week and she thinks that they are going to do wonders for him. He should be walking really soon! I didnt have my camera! I will try to get a picture posted as soon as I can. What an exciting day!


the osbornes said...

YAY Parker!! That is so exciting! It gave me chills so I know you must have been REALLY excited, haha!