Monday, January 5, 2009

birthday dinner and FIRST haircut!!!

On Friday night we went out to eat with my family for Dennis' birthday.

This is Dennis' dessert but the candle went out before they set it in front of him. It was still really pretty!
Parker loved playing in the wrapping paper! Why do I even buy toys??
This picture is so funny!!! Parker loves it when people blow in his face. Well, I thought it would be funny to get an action shot. THis is what Parker looks like when Dennis blows in his face.....
On Saturday afternoon we took Parker to get his very first haircut. I know his hair doesnt look very long but the sides were just really bothering me because I just could not control them!! And the hair on the back of his head just started coming in, so it is ALOT shorter than the front. Now it kinda blends together. Let me just say that he HATED when the girl touched his head.
This is Parker sitting in the chair that looked like an airplane.
Here he is with the smock on, he has no idea what is coming... and neither do we...

I had to hold him down. He was so pittiful!
almost done..
Here is the after shot! Still a little teary eyed but the hair is so much better. It isnt the most perfect haircut, but I think the girl did a pretty darn good job considering what she had to deal with!


The Simmons Family said...

Parker's haircut makes him look so much older... a little boy, rather than a baby.