Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Go Hogs Go!!!! and a video

I haven't sat down and watched an entire Razorback basketball game since the Nolan Richardson days. Finally, we are good again. If John Pelfrey has done this much in his first two years, I can't wait for the next couple of years of Razorback basketball!! Last night we beat Texas and last weekend we beat Oklahoma (both in the top ten)!! All I have to say is...we better be ranked after this week!

Parker has been crawling for a month or so now and he has been crawling like an army man. he doesnt use his legs at all. He just pulls himself with his arms. At therapy, she has been working with him to use his legs and arms! Well, yesterday he started going up on his knees. I know that yall probably dont care, but I took a video of it last night. I just think it is the CUTEST thing, his little bottom is sticking up in the air and he can go so fast now!


The Simmons Family said...

That is ADORABLE!! WAY TO GO PARKER!! I can't wait until Owen can crawl. He looks pretty motivated to get the spoon.. too bad there was nothing YUMMY on it?!

Pretty soon he'll be walking.