Friday, November 21, 2008

Last Year

Last year at this time many events happened and my life will never be same because of them. I think that over the next couple of days I am going to go back over what happened this time last year. I didnt have a blog last year and these events have shaped me into the women I am this year.
Of course, it all has to do with my sweet son Parker.

When I was pregnant I wanted to get those maternity pictures that you always see. Well, I kept putting it off and thought there was no way I would get them because I had waited too long. The week of my due date I called my friend Hannah and she had a spot on November 21st, it was the day before Thanksgiving. We scheduled it but I told her that at my last doctors appointment I was 4 cm dilated so I could go into labor at any time. Well, Dennis and I made it.....

I had Parker two days after these pictures were taken!!! I had him the day after Thanksgiving. He was only two days early (more on that later!)