Friday, November 14, 2008

I think we might have a crawler!!

Well, last night Parker kinda put his knee under him and moved forward. This morning he scooted/crawled like a foot to get some food (of course!). I think he has figured it out and everyday I am sure he will go farther and farther. I guess we are gonna have to "baby proof" everything now. I am so happy for him. He is so much happier today than he has been in a while because he can get places now. He uses his scooting, rolling and spinning to get pretty much anything he wants. He has been really fussy for the last month or so because he was kinda moving but couldnt get anywhere. He has been wanting to explore and FINALLY he is on his way!!! I may regret him learning to crawl, but for now I am so thrilled!

Also, here is a picture of Parker with his new favorite toy.....a spoon!! It must feel good on his gums. It is almost the only thing he play with these days! It's kinda nice--If he is fussy at a restaraunt...just give him a spoon, they always have one!!


The Simmons Family said...

Parker you are on the MOVE!! WAY TO GO!!! I'm amazed at how fast he has progressed!