Monday, November 10, 2008

Therapy update and some new tricks!

Well, I didnt say anything last week because I didnt want to jinx (sp?) it but....Parker has been to TWO physical therapy session without crying the entire hour!! He still cries when he sees her, but will calm down and play with her. Last week I was walking down the hall to get him and I didnt hear his usually screaming. I looked around the corner and he was just standing at a table playing with a toy!! I couldnt believe it, FINALLY!!
Also, Parker is going from laying down to sitting and from sitting to laying down so good these days! I am so proud.
He also started waving bye-bye and he started clapping! I was starting to get worried about the clapping but this weekend he did it once by himself and then he had it! Everyday he does something new. I know that most babies do that, but he didnt for the longest time. I am so happy for him and so proud.