Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cardiology update and picture sneak peak

Parker had his Cardiology appointment this morning. He was not the best little boy. Everytime someone came near him he would start screaming. (I dont blame him for not liking the people at the hospital!) So, it took ALOT longer to do things than normal. We did get all the test and assessments done. The echo was about the same as last time. His function is decreased a little but Dr. Seib says he would put him in the average/above average category for kids with HLHS. Parker's oxygen saturation was 83%. That is just fine for him but has gone down a tiny bit from last time. I have noticed him looking a little more blue over the last week or so but I think it is just the weather and because he has a fair complection. He weighed almost 18 pounds with all of his clothes on! He is growing slowly but surely! All in all Dr. Seib said he looks wonderful and we dont have to go back for 4 months!! That is a really, really long time!! I know that it means he is doing good but I just like the security of the doctor telling me he looks good. Also, we get to stop three of his medications--Reglan, Zantac, and Iron. I am so excited because now he is only on 3 medications! That is so weird, but nice!

Here is Parker before his echo. He seemed so happy before the echo tech walked in the room!

OK, Y'all have to go HERE and look at the preview for Parker's one year pictures. They are so sweet!!!


the osbornes said...

Parker's pictures turned out so great!! I LOVE the one with the cake. I'm so glad you got some good news at his appointment today.

The Mason Family said...

Parker's pictures turned out great...loved 'em!

Shannon Mason

The Simmons Family said...

SO happy to hear that Parker doesn't have to go back to cardiology for FOUR months!!

LOVE the pictures.. my fav is the one of him "waiting" for the cake.

So cute.