Thursday, July 8, 2010

summer fun

This week has been great. It hasnt been too hot this week, so we have been able to play outside some.
Parker has been helping Daddy with some yard work.

This was hilarious! He was holding the water hose straight up and the water started falling all over him. He couldnt figure out where it was coming from. He started running around but never moved the water hose, so it just kept hitting him. So funny!!

We had our second swim lesson today. Parker remembered going under water on Tuesday and was not happy about having to do it again. He screamed for the first half of the lessons. I had THAT kid!! =) He got better as it went on. After swim lessons we went up to the awesome kids pool. So, that made everyone happy!

Parker wouldnt sit and Mallory and Tap were too busy playing to look up. oh well.

Hope everyone is having a good week!!


Lauren said...

Sorry Parker screamed the first half of his lesson. Maybe that at least means he didn't scream the second half. I feel like more often than not I have THAT kid, but he's just so precious and loveable that I'm somehow thrilled to have him. =) Miss you guys.