Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I really cannot believe that my baby sister just graduated from high school!! I am so proud of her and am so excited to see what God has planned for her life. She will be attending Ouachita Baptist University and she just made the cheerleading squad!!

Class of 2010

Getting her diploma

The girls

mom and dad

The kids (Cory, Kelsey, Justin, Me, and Amy)....we are never all together at the same time to get a good picture!

me and Kelsey!Kelsey, I am so proud of you!!! and I am so glad you arent going to be too far away next year!
While we were at graduation, Dennis' parents took Parker to the park down by the river. They sent us a lot of pictures but this is the only one that ended up being on my phone. He had such a great time and slept like a rock last night!! Thanks Granny and Papa!!


Lauren said...

Tell Kelsey to call me when it's time to register for classes. I can tell her about all the prof.s--their strenghts, weaknesses, etc. based on what she wants to "get" from each class. (Easiest is not always best, but in some cases it is!) =)