Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another graduation and last day of school

Last night Parker's school had their graduation service. As soon as we got there Parker went over to his teacher and just sat in the circle of students.....

He was so well behaved and so cute! His class sang "Mr. Sun" in the program. I cant tell you how proud I am of him. He was so cute and did so good!! I think I was expecting the worse (him screaming or yelling for me or just not doing what he was suppose to) but he was great!! Just watch this....

I think my favorite part is the whistling!! So funny! Also, did you see how well he could go down the stairs all by himself!! Such a big boy!

After graduating we went to play at chick fil a, Parker's favorite (and mine)=)

And today was Parker's last day of school for this school year! They had a pajama party
Here is Parker and his awesome teacher!! He looks like he just woke up in this picture!
I am very excited that Parker will home this summer but it is going to be a little challenging. I am still in school this summer, Im only taking two classes so hopefully I can get it all done during nap time! I cant wait for all the playdates and plaing in the water and picnics!! Happy Summer!!


Lauren said...

There are no words for how cute that video clip was.