Monday, May 17, 2010

Atlanta and a birthday party

Last week Dennis and I attended the National Leadership Conference in Atlanta with my parents. This conference was for Circle of Care members, these are supporters of childrens hospitals from all over North America. There were over 25 hospitals represented by over 800 people. Yall know how much we love ACH and it was amazing to be around so many supporters of so many different childrens hospitals. The first day of the conference was a chance to see Atlanta. We chose to go on a home and garden tour of some of Atlantas finest homes. The first home was 10 acres of beautiful gardens, the second home was the home of the founder of Home Depot and the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, and the third home was one of 3 certified "green" homes in the U.S.

The second day was the actual conference.
That morning we heard a few physicians speak and met some amazing children from the Atlanta childrens hospital.
For lunch we ate on the 50 yard line of the Georgia dome. We got to enter through the entrance that the players come through on game day (they even had lights and fog and cheerleaders and the band!!). During lunch we were entertained by Jeff Foxworthy!!

That night there was a black tie Gala at the Georgia Acquarium (which is AMAZING!!) I cant wait to take Parker there.
This is me touching a sea urchin in my formal gown!
You will never guess who sat at the table right next to us at dinner!!! Jennifer Arnold from the Little Couple on TLC!! I just love her!! In the picture below I am sitting on the floor!! SHe is the sweetest, nicest and cutest person ever!!!
WAIT...there is more....after dinner we went into a huge tent and had a private concert by Lionel Richie!! It was a pretty amazing day that I wont soon forget!!
Sorry my pictures are so terrible, I forgot to take my nice camera and had to use my phone!!
When we got home we got to take Parker to Brody's birthday party at our church. Parker could not wait to see Noah!! Of course, they wouldnt stand still for a picture. Here is what I could get...

Daddy played basketball with Parker

And here is Parker wearing one of his party favors!

So, that is some of what has been going on in our busy life!! I am on break from school for another week and tonight my baby sister will graduate from high school!! I cant believe it!! I will post about that tomorrow!!


the osbornes said...

ha, I love it that you caught a picture of Noah trying to sneak off with one of the birthday boy's presents :) It looks like the conference was amazing!

Party Koozie said...

Gorgeous…everything is perfect. FUN FUN FUN