Friday, October 2, 2009

Nothin much

I dont really have much to blog about. Things have been busy but nothing fun! I just finished my 20 page paper, that is due next week, it is being critiqued by a teacher as we speak. It feels good to have that finished (almost). School and work is pretty much all I have been doing.
Well, I did go see sweet Mallory yesterday!!
She is just the best baby!! Hardly ever cries and is sleeping really good! I had to sneak a bow from Mallory's room and sneak it on her head for this picture!! Her mommy just isnt into bows the way I am. Good thing Mallory has me to make her "girly"!!
And, of course, here is my sweet little guy!! Having a blast in the bath tub.
He is still doing great using the potty. Still not potty training in full force yet but I think he will be more than ready when I get up the courage to do it!!
Hope yall have a great weekend!


Tracychele said...

What a sweet baby and precious little man!