Thursday, October 22, 2009

Family Trip

My family goes to Disney World every year and I havent been able to go in a long time!! This year we decided that we would go at the last minute. I was so excited for Parker to have this opportunity!! We had so much fun and Parker was fantastic!
The first night we were there we went to Downtown Disney and ate at T-Rex. There is a place for kids to "dig" for dinasour bones while you wait. Parker loved it!!

Here is the family at T-Rex (I am taking the picture!)

The next day we went to MGM. Parker played on the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.
It is like you were shrunk in the back yard.

Daddy and Parker watching a street show

We went to a restaurant where all the Baby Einstein characters were. Parker loved the little boy. Here he is giving him knuckles.

Parker and Daddy going on the toy story ride
The next day we went to the Magiv Kingdom. They had a halloween party...

Here is Parker trick or treating in his superman costume

Loving the monorail!!

While everyone went on the rollercoaster me and Parker played on all of the little playgounds.

Riding the train

A few more pics..

This is what Parker looked like at the end of our trip.... he wore himself out.

After we got home I took him to the doctor and he has a horrible ear infection...poor little guy. Parker is getting tubes in his ears on Monday. I cant wait!!! I know it is a small procedure but anytime Parker gets anesthesia I get nervous. Have a great weekend!!
Sorry about the picture overload!!!


Lauren said...

First things first: I LOVE Dennis' Tigger T-shirt. That takes a real man. Secondly: so many disney world memories with the Lambs! Y'all were so sweet to take me (your parents, especially) And kudos for Amy for not hating us for life when we lost her for a few minutes at Epcot (? I think). I still haven't forgiven Justin for giving me the stomach virus once when we were there. I threw up all night at your grandparents condo. Like I said, so many memories....
Yea for tubes! I'm sure they'll make a big difference for Parker.

The Vance's said...

Looks like Parker had SUCH a great time!! Such sweet memories for yall! I can't wait till the girls are old enough to go to DW!
Will be praying for Parker and the tubes!!