Tuesday, October 27, 2009

tubes are in!!!

Parker has had about 8 ear infections since May. We decided to get tubes at the end of August. Our Cardiologist wanted the Cardiac anesthesiologist to be in on the surgery so we had to wait until the ENT's and CV anesthesia's schedules matched up. So.....Parker finally had his tubes surgery yesterday. Everything went great!! Parker had fun playing and watching cartoons while we waited for all of the pre-op stuff to be done.

We LOVE our anesthsia guy, he is the same one that was with Parker during his heart surgeries. Even though he looks like he is 12 years old!! He is an amazing doctor and he is great with Parker!!
Here is Parker after he got the "happy" medicine!! He couldnt walk straight and he could not stop giggling!!!

Parker woke up as happy as can be and we were home by 10:30. He did start having some troubles when we got home with the medicine. He was so loopy from the drugs that he couldnt walk but he wanted to, so he just whined!! I think he felt really weird from the medicine. I couldnt get him to take a nap until 5:30 that evening. Once he had a nap and slep off that medicine he has been great!! Hopefully, no more ear infections!! Thanks for all of the prayers!


The Wilson's said...

yay! Hopefully that will help with the ear infections! Glad his surgery went well, I know you were nervous! We love you Parker!