Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weekly pulse ox check

At our last Cardiology appointment, Dr Seib suggested that we go get Parker's pulse ox (oxygen saturation in the blood) checked about once a week at the pediatrician. He wants us to do this because Parker's oxygen was kind of low and if it remains low, he will do a heart cath at some point (maybe this summer). Well, we went yesterday afternoon and it was 74. At the cardiology appt two weeks ago it was 78 and last week at the pediatrician it was 76. So, it is going down. I talked to Dr. Seib's nurse last night and she siad that his pulse ox will fluctuate and they wont really start getting worried until it stays at 70 or below. He has definitely started looking bluer around his eyes and I can tell he is tired more often. He will be playing and all of the sudden he will just lay flat on the floor and rest for a few minutes and then he will jump back up and play again. I am just glad he knows when he needs to rest and doesnt push himself too hard. So, we will just keep checking his pulse ox and watching him for any signs of heart failure. If I had to guess, I would say he will be having a heart cath sometime this summer. But who knows!

I will end with a cute picture of Parker at his favorite time of day---bath time!!!


Susie and Trent said...

Love the soapy,spiky hair- too cute! Praying that those sats bounce back up again on their own! Teagan's have been lower lately too and I'm hoping its from a cold? She got her AFO's a week or so ago and they seem to be helping! Thanks for the advice!