Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boys will be boys

First off, just look at my sweet Parker this morning before leaving for mother's day out. It is his first day to wear shorts this year and he just looked so cute!

Parker getting his tools out to help daddy

Yesterday I was working and I heard Parker grunting. I looked over and he had climbed up into his chair and was standing in it! I guess I have a climber on my hands!

A few days a week me and a friend go walking on our church's track above the basketball court. Last night we went and Dennis brought a few friends to play basketball. After we were finished walking I took Parker down to watch daddy play. Parker loved watching and wanted to get out there so bad.
sowly trying to get out there...
And when I told him no, this is the face he gave me...
On the feeding front, we are making some huge progress with Parker's eating. Yesterday he ate a banana for the first time WITHOUT gagging!!! This is huge! He has eaten a green bean, carrots, chicken (still working on that one), peanut butter, and a few other things this week. He is doing so great. He has also added almost an entire bottle of pediasure a day to his meals. This is 130 more calories a day...we will make it to the 26 pounds before I know it! This morning he drank 8 oz of pediasure all at once. I definitely think increasing his meds has helped with his endurance level.
Parker had his weekly pulse ox checked yesterday and it was the same....around 74. We will just keep an eye on him.
Hope everyone has a great week. I cant wait to enjoy this beautiful weather! We will for sure be outside ALOT this week!


the osbornes said...

He looks so cute with his little backpack on! Noah has one like it, but it has dogs on it. I wish they went to MDO on the same day!!
And PS on the magnet board project, they also have ABC and 123 magnets in the $1 section at Target right now!

Kelly said...

Your little man is too cute! Simply Adorable...sounds like he has been through a lot. I will keep him in our prayers! Thanks for stopping by my blog!