Friday, April 3, 2009

No answer and still sick

We went to the pediatrician yesterday. Parker was running a 102 temperature and was just pittiful. This is his first time to be really sick with something (besides open heart surgery). His ears looked fine. They did a strep test, flu test. chest xray, and CBC. Everything was negative and looked fine. She said that it is probably a fever virus that will have to run its coarse. She did send his strep test off to be cultured because he had the symptoms of strep (RED throat, white tongue, yucky breath). So, we will find out this afternoon what that test says. If it is negative then he must have the fever virus. He is just so pittiful and all he has done for the past two days is sleep. This morning he woke up without a fever but by the time we got to the office he had a low fever so he went right to bed. I am so lucky that I can bring him to work with me. I share an office with my mom and we can just close the door so noone comes in and is around the sick baby.

Last night we celebrated my brother's 24th birthday at my grandmothers. We took a portable bed and Parker slept the entire time back in Gran's bedroom. We had the yummiest cake--my mom made it!! Of course, I had to put the silliest picture of Cory from the night. We missed you Amy!!