Monday, November 24, 2008

They day my heart stopped...

I told yall I would finish my story of Parker's birth and hospital stay, but life has been crazy!! We went out of town for a week and we got back on Sunday. I am so behind at work and Parker has alot of appointments this week with therapy and doctors. I wrote part of this the other day and finished it today. It is just a picture of our first week in the hospital with Parker...

November 24, 2007 Dennis and I woke up in my hospital room the day after Parker was born. We went to the NICU to see him and the doctor said he was doing good and he would probably be there a few more days to get his oxygen under control. We went back to our room and I got in the shower....I desperately needed a shower! My doctor told me that he wanted me to stay one more day to watch me (I was having some bleeding issues). While I was in the shower Dennis came into the bathroom and said to not worry but the doctor just came in and said they were moving Parker to Arkansas Children's Hospital because they heard a murmur and he needed more testing. Well, I rushed out of the shower and told my doctor that I was checking out early. Another doctor came in and told us that Parker might need heart surgery, but they werent for sure what was going on with his heart. By noon we were at Childrens. I walked into the CVICU that afternoon not knowing what I was about to go through. A wonderful doctor sat Dennis and I down at a table and drew a picture of Parker's heart. He told us that Parker has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and that he will need 3 open heart surgeries. He said that Parker would be lucky to survive the first surgery because he was so small....that is the moment my heart stopped. For nine months we had made all of these plans and had all of these expectations and now everything was different and there was nothing I could do about it. All we could do was pray and trust in Him. My plan was different now.

The next week was a waiting game. They waited a week to do the surgery so Parker could get bigger, but all he did was get smaller. The day of surgery he weighed 4 pounds (he had lost over a pound since birth)

On November 30 Parker had his first heart surgery. We walked him back to the operating room and the nurse took us to our private waiting room. She gave us a hug and closed the door. Dennis and I held each other and cried (That is the first time I had ever seen Dennis cry. He is so strong). We didnt know if Parker was going to make it. His surgery lasted 12 hours, they updated us every hour on his progress. We had so much family there to support us. We are so lucky to have so many people that love us and that love Parker. Parker did pretty good in surgery but he didnt do so good that first night. He went into cardiac arrest, but the amazing doctors and nurses at ACH took good care of my sweet baby and he pulled through. THe hardest thing I have ever done was looking at Parker right after he came out of surgery. His chest was still open because there was too much swelling. He had 5 chest tubes draining blood and a dialysis tube. He was as white as the sheet on the bed. He had a breathing tube in and about 5 IV lines with about 20 medications. It was a scary day. I cried when I saw him. Babies are not suppose to look like that.
Over the next 7 weeks Parker had a bumpy road of recovery. He was on the breathing tube for 3 more weeks and had another small surgery to put in his feeding tube. Parker is so strong and I have learned so much from him. I am so grateful that Parker has made it so far and I will enjoy everyday I have with him.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday PARKER!!

November 23, 2007

November 23, 2008
WOW!! I cant believe that Parker is one year old today. This year has been the best, happiest, hardest, scariest, and most wonderful year every!!

Since I didnt have a blog last year I will give you the abbreviated version of what happened one year ago today...

Last year today was the day after Thanksgiving and I ate ALOT. At about 4:00 a.m. on November 23, 2007 my tummy started hurting!! I was in and out of the bathroom for about 2 hours. I was having a "pain" about every 30 minutes and then it went to every 15 minutes and I woke Dennis up. I told him that I thought i was going into labor. He jumped up, of course. I took a shower and got everything together and we called the hospital at 6:00. They told us that the contractions werent close enough together so we should wait. Well, I waited about 20 minutes and Dennis nor I could stand the pain any longer. We called the hospital back and told them that at my doctors appointment Monday I was dilated to 4 cm. They told us to come in ASAP! When we got to the hospital at about 7:30 I was dilated to 8 cm!! Everyone was rushing around and I was just hurting. After about 2 hours my doctor told me I was 10 cm but that I should probably get an epidural to relax me and loosen everything up. I did NOT object. I dont even remember getting it...all I remember is happiness! I had Parker at 12:10 with a few other complications that i wont go into. They took him to clean him up while my doctor dealt with me. They let me hold him for about 15 seconds (long enough to get a picture) and then told me that he had to go to the NICU because his oxygen was low. They told me he would be fine, he just might need a
little oxygen for a day or so. I went down see him a couple of times that day and he was just precious and the doctors told me that he might have to be in the hospital a day longer than me. Well....most of you know he stayed a little longer than that! I will begin that journey in tomorrow's post.


5 LBS 1 OZ

19 1/2 IN.

This is Dennis with Parker in the NICU at St. Vincents just minutes after he arrived.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Last Year

Last year at this time many events happened and my life will never be same because of them. I think that over the next couple of days I am going to go back over what happened this time last year. I didnt have a blog last year and these events have shaped me into the women I am this year.
Of course, it all has to do with my sweet son Parker.

When I was pregnant I wanted to get those maternity pictures that you always see. Well, I kept putting it off and thought there was no way I would get them because I had waited too long. The week of my due date I called my friend Hannah and she had a spot on November 21st, it was the day before Thanksgiving. We scheduled it but I told her that at my last doctors appointment I was 4 cm dilated so I could go into labor at any time. Well, Dennis and I made it.....

I had Parker two days after these pictures were taken!!! I had him the day after Thanksgiving. He was only two days early (more on that later!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My new favorite thing!

Well, this is my new favorite thing! It is the Starbuck's salted carmel hot chocolate!! One reason it is my favorite is because it means that it is the holiday season (cold weather, Thanksgiving, favorite time of year) and the other reason is because it is so incredibly yummy!

A little update

Well, we had Parker's birthday party this past Saturday and it was wonderful! He did so great and so many people came!! I would have had pictures posted already but I keep forgetting to get my camera cord. Alot has been going on this week and Parker hasnt been feeling very well. When Parker doesnt feel good...noone feels good! My uncle gave me a disk of the pictures he took. They are mostly of his daughter but at least it is something. I will try to get my pictures on here soon.

I still have pictures of the cakes that my mom and I decorated and many other things...stay tuned!!!

Also, Parker is doing great with crawling and he has been pulling up alot all by himself! I went into his room this weekend and he was standing in his bed. At therapy they are working on walking. I hope he catches on as fast as he did with crawling!
Parker's birthday is this Sunday so I am sure i will have a lot to post about! I have been kind of emotional this week thinking about my little miracle baby turning one!! WOW!

We are also trying to get everything ready to go out of town on Sunday for Thanksgiving. We are going to Chatanooga, TN! We are also getting everything ready at our house because we are having Thanksgiving with Dennis' side of the family at our house on Saturday!! I am trying not to be stressed. I want to have my Christmas decorations up before Saturday, but I dont think that will happen!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I think we might have a crawler!!

Well, last night Parker kinda put his knee under him and moved forward. This morning he scooted/crawled like a foot to get some food (of course!). I think he has figured it out and everyday I am sure he will go farther and farther. I guess we are gonna have to "baby proof" everything now. I am so happy for him. He is so much happier today than he has been in a while because he can get places now. He uses his scooting, rolling and spinning to get pretty much anything he wants. He has been really fussy for the last month or so because he was kinda moving but couldnt get anywhere. He has been wanting to explore and FINALLY he is on his way!!! I may regret him learning to crawl, but for now I am so thrilled!

Also, here is a picture of Parker with his new favorite toy.....a spoon!! It must feel good on his gums. It is almost the only thing he play with these days! It's kinda nice--If he is fussy at a restaraunt...just give him a spoon, they always have one!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cardiology update and picture sneak peak

Parker had his Cardiology appointment this morning. He was not the best little boy. Everytime someone came near him he would start screaming. (I dont blame him for not liking the people at the hospital!) So, it took ALOT longer to do things than normal. We did get all the test and assessments done. The echo was about the same as last time. His function is decreased a little but Dr. Seib says he would put him in the average/above average category for kids with HLHS. Parker's oxygen saturation was 83%. That is just fine for him but has gone down a tiny bit from last time. I have noticed him looking a little more blue over the last week or so but I think it is just the weather and because he has a fair complection. He weighed almost 18 pounds with all of his clothes on! He is growing slowly but surely! All in all Dr. Seib said he looks wonderful and we dont have to go back for 4 months!! That is a really, really long time!! I know that it means he is doing good but I just like the security of the doctor telling me he looks good. Also, we get to stop three of his medications--Reglan, Zantac, and Iron. I am so excited because now he is only on 3 medications! That is so weird, but nice!

Here is Parker before his echo. He seemed so happy before the echo tech walked in the room!

OK, Y'all have to go HERE and look at the preview for Parker's one year pictures. They are so sweet!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Few Nerves

Tomorrow morning Parker has his first Cardiology appointment in 3 1/2 months!! We have never gone this long and must admit that I am getting a little nervous. He will get his usual EKG and Echo. I have no reason to believe that anything will be any different or that anything will be wrong, but there is always that thought in the back of my mind. I cant wait for all of the nurses and doctors at the clinic to see how much Parker has grown and developed! Please pray that everything goes smooth and that all the test results are normal!! I will give an update tomorrow when we are finished.

Monday, November 10, 2008

a HUGE mess!

This morning Lindsey came to our house to shoot Parker's one year pictures. I know, can you believe that he will be one year old in less than two weeks!! She does such cute pictures. At the end of the photo shoot we let Parker play in a cake and got some shots of that. Well, I took a picture of his mess once he was all finished playing in the cake!! I guess this will be good practice for his birthday party this weekend!

DONT WORRY, we got it all cleaned up!!
And here is my little cutie all cleaned up!

Therapy update and some new tricks!

Well, I didnt say anything last week because I didnt want to jinx (sp?) it but....Parker has been to TWO physical therapy session without crying the entire hour!! He still cries when he sees her, but will calm down and play with her. Last week I was walking down the hall to get him and I didnt hear his usually screaming. I looked around the corner and he was just standing at a table playing with a toy!! I couldnt believe it, FINALLY!!
Also, Parker is going from laying down to sitting and from sitting to laying down so good these days! I am so proud.
He also started waving bye-bye and he started clapping! I was starting to get worried about the clapping but this weekend he did it once by himself and then he had it! Everyday he does something new. I know that most babies do that, but he didnt for the longest time. I am so happy for him and so proud.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Parker has been working so hard at physical therapy to go from laying down to sitting. Well, I walked into his room after his nap this weekend and this is what I found....

He did it!! All by himself!! Yay Parker!!

The reason he doesnt have any clothes on is because the day before we had to turn the heater on because it got down in the 20s at night. Well, Saturday it got into the 80's and I forgot that I didnt switch the air on. SO, Parker room was not the coolest place to sleep. I turned his fan on, turn the airconditioner on and let him sleep in his diaper.

Anyways, I am so proud of him. He has worked so hard to master this skill. Now, on to crawling!!

Halloween weekend

I know, I am posting these a little late!!!! There will probably be alot of pictures in this post!! One of the girls at the office has a grandaugther that is also named Parker and she is about a month younger than my Parker. She came to see Parker at the office in her costume.

That night Parker dressed up as a pumkin (the same costumer I wore 25 years ago!! i cant believe it lasted).

This is Parker trick or treating at my grandparent's house.

We made our rounds with Parker and he got lots of candy. After that my parents took Parker and Dennis and I went to a Halloween party.

Are you ready for the pictures??

We had so much fun! We didnt win the costume contest, but that's ok!