Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just an update....

Well, this past weekend was very hard on my entire family. My gradfather's funeral was Sunday and it was beautiful. My grandfather was a veteran so Dennis (my husband) and his friend did the flag folding ceremony and Dennis handed my grandmother the flag. It was very special and very emotional. She is doing really good and We are keeping her busy.

Parker update:
Parker finally started said "ma-ma"!!! Finally!!
He also has two teeth now!
Parker also started blowing kisses! It is so sweet!!
My brother was in town last week. He had a show at juanitas with Second Hand Serenade and then he stayed in town because Peeps was sick. He left yesterday. He will be on tour with them for another month or two. Parker loves him.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Many of you know, and I have mentioned in past posts, that my grandfather (Peeps) has been in the hospital with COPD and emphazema for 2 weeks. At the beginning of this week he was put on Hospice. This morning with all of his family in town and at his side he peacefully passed away. This is my first grandparent to pass away. We loved him so much and will miss his wonderful smile and humor. We are all having a rough time, especially my younger brothers and sisters,but we have so much support that is makes it a little easier to handle. The funeral is Sunday and the visitation is Saturday night. Thank you for all of your sweet words of love and for all of the prayers.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Therapy Eval

Well, we had our therapy evaluation on Tuesday. Three women came to our house to evaluate Parker for all of the different kinds of therapy he could receive. He qualified for physical therapy!! He was one point away from qualifying for occupational therapy but she wants to see him again in 6 months and re-evaluate. I hate that he is doing poor enough to need therapy, but i am so excited that he gets to do it. He qualified for the grant through Children's Hospital so they will be paying for the services!! It is such a relief to not have to pay for something for once. We will eventually have to start paying for it, but hopefully he wont need it that long. Parker will start going to PT at Easter Seals in two weeks. He will go one day a week at first and then she will see if he needs more than that. The people that are so nice and Parker just "clicked" with them. I cant wait to see how Parker develops and changes, and I cant wait to see him crawl or even scoot!!
Please pray for Parker. This will be hard and they are going to push him but I know he can do it!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun Weekend

Well, first of all, last week Parker had his 9-10 month check up and everything looks good. Parker will be 10 months old tomorrow!! He will also be evaluated for physical therapy tomorrow. They are coming to our house in the morning. Please pray for the evaluation and for God's will to be done. If he doesnt qualify then we will just keep doing what we are doing and if he does then we will start as soon as possible.

This weekend of course consisted of the Razorback game. They didnt do good but I will always love my Hogs!!

Then we went and saw Dennis' parents and Parker got his first ride on a 4 wheeler!!
THis is Dennis' nephew, Evan. Parker just loved him !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thank You Entergy!!

After 2 1/2 days our power is finally back on!!! We stayed with my parents for the last 2 nights and we are so happy to be home! We lost all of our food that was in the fridge and freezer. So, I am gonna have to do some serious shopping this week!! We are so thankful for all of the workers who left their families to come help all the people who lost power this past weekend. I am also thankful that we had somewhere to go. Thanks for the prayers.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Best Buds

Last night Parker's best friend came over and played. They had so much fun together. It was hard to get a picture of them together because Sydney was on the move!! Parker cant crawl yet but they could still play together. Maybe Sydney can teach him a thing or two!!

Parker got this new toy and they had fun standing at it together!

They bother loved the cell phone, that is how we got Sydney to crawl towards Parker for a picture!!


Whenever Dennis is in charge of bathtime something entertaining always happens. Well, last night I am cleaning up the kitchen and I hear my name yelled. I go in the bedroom and this is what Parker looks like....

We always put powder in the folds of Parker's neck before bed because he drools and we arent there to wipe it up and it makes a rash on his neck if the powder isnt there to soak up the moisture. Well, Dennis had a little accident with the powder and it ended up ALL OVER Parker!! He just thought it was funny!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A new face

Every 2-3 weeks Parker has a new face and a new sound he is fascinated with. He will do this face and sound for a couple of weeks and then move on to a new one. This week this is his new face....

He breaths in and out really heavy while he is doing this. I think he likes to feel the air going in and out of his nose. His sound is grunting....it can get a little tiring for me and daddy. He just grunts and grunts and grunts!! He is also licking his new tooth, he is amazing that there is always something in his mouth. He is very funny to watch. There is always a new face and a new attitude to be entertained by.
Some previous sounds were spitting, screaming, smacking, etc... There are too many faces to name!! He is the kid of many faces!

What a wonderful man!

Yesterday was not the greatest day for me. I was very emotional and I was in a very bad mood for some reason. I was thinking about Parker and everything that has happened and what is going to happen....it made me sad. Usually I am very strong and try not to think about Parker's next surgery (since it wont be until he is 2 years old). I am helping with a Arkansas Children's Hospital fundraiser and I guess that is what got me to thinking about my sweet Parker and how we have spent over 3 months of his life at ACH. Well, I was crying yesterday afternoon and evening and then Parker was being really fussy and that started annoying me and I started crying more. (yes, I do get annoyed when Parker is grunting and whining! does that make me a bad mom?) I dont know what was going on, but it just wasnt the greatest afternoon.

Well, my husband had to go to the hospital after work to see his grandma (she is doing better). So, he wasnt going to be home until late. He called on his way home to see if he could pick up a pizza for dinner. I was so grateful because I just did not feel like cooking. When he got home he had the pizza but he also had a bouquet of beautiful flowers and some chocolate (my favorite!!). I couldnt stop crying. How did he know that I needed that?? What a great husband. I then told him about my afternoon and how much I needed those flowers. It just made my day so much better and got my mind off of everything else.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor day weekend

This past weekend was really fun!! On Saturday night we had a bunch of friends over to listen to the game on the radio. We grilled some hamburgers and tossed horse-shoes.

Parker and daddy in their "Hog-wear"

On Sunday we went to my parent's lake house and spent the night. We had so much fun on the lake. We drove the boat over to my grandparent's lake house and let them hang out with Parker while we played on the seadoos! We have not gone to the lake as much as I would have liked this summer....it has been so busy. I only took one picture--Parker was holding on when we would hit waves.

His hat was too small!! I couldnt believe it and I cant believe how his lifejacket actually fits now! Look at this picture from the beginning of the summer....

He is getting so big!!

It's finally here!!

Last weekend Parker's bottom tooth finally came through!!

It is soooooo cute!!