Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor day weekend

This past weekend was really fun!! On Saturday night we had a bunch of friends over to listen to the game on the radio. We grilled some hamburgers and tossed horse-shoes.

Parker and daddy in their "Hog-wear"

On Sunday we went to my parent's lake house and spent the night. We had so much fun on the lake. We drove the boat over to my grandparent's lake house and let them hang out with Parker while we played on the seadoos! We have not gone to the lake as much as I would have liked this has been so busy. I only took one picture--Parker was holding on when we would hit waves.

His hat was too small!! I couldnt believe it and I cant believe how his lifejacket actually fits now! Look at this picture from the beginning of the summer....

He is getting so big!!