Thursday, September 25, 2008

Therapy Eval

Well, we had our therapy evaluation on Tuesday. Three women came to our house to evaluate Parker for all of the different kinds of therapy he could receive. He qualified for physical therapy!! He was one point away from qualifying for occupational therapy but she wants to see him again in 6 months and re-evaluate. I hate that he is doing poor enough to need therapy, but i am so excited that he gets to do it. He qualified for the grant through Children's Hospital so they will be paying for the services!! It is such a relief to not have to pay for something for once. We will eventually have to start paying for it, but hopefully he wont need it that long. Parker will start going to PT at Easter Seals in two weeks. He will go one day a week at first and then she will see if he needs more than that. The people that are so nice and Parker just "clicked" with them. I cant wait to see how Parker develops and changes, and I cant wait to see him crawl or even scoot!!
Please pray for Parker. This will be hard and they are going to push him but I know he can do it!!


Simmons Family: said...

Yeah for FREE Therapy! Owen also gets free therapy which makes it VERY nice! Our physical therapist doesn't push Owen too hard, but keeps him on track. The other great part is they get a little bond with their therapists. I hope things go great and Parker will be crawling in no time!!


Katie said...

That is wonderful, Kali!