Thursday, September 4, 2008

What a wonderful man!

Yesterday was not the greatest day for me. I was very emotional and I was in a very bad mood for some reason. I was thinking about Parker and everything that has happened and what is going to made me sad. Usually I am very strong and try not to think about Parker's next surgery (since it wont be until he is 2 years old). I am helping with a Arkansas Children's Hospital fundraiser and I guess that is what got me to thinking about my sweet Parker and how we have spent over 3 months of his life at ACH. Well, I was crying yesterday afternoon and evening and then Parker was being really fussy and that started annoying me and I started crying more. (yes, I do get annoyed when Parker is grunting and whining! does that make me a bad mom?) I dont know what was going on, but it just wasnt the greatest afternoon.

Well, my husband had to go to the hospital after work to see his grandma (she is doing better). So, he wasnt going to be home until late. He called on his way home to see if he could pick up a pizza for dinner. I was so grateful because I just did not feel like cooking. When he got home he had the pizza but he also had a bouquet of beautiful flowers and some chocolate (my favorite!!). I couldnt stop crying. How did he know that I needed that?? What a great husband. I then told him about my afternoon and how much I needed those flowers. It just made my day so much better and got my mind off of everything else.


The Nelson's said...

You are a wonderful mom, that does not make you bad bc you get frustrated! its only normal. you have been so strong all of Parkers life! better than i would be im sure. i have always been so proud of the attitude you and dennis have had through this process. i can tell you have a great family! both your boys are super sweet.