Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm kinda sad

For those of you who dont know I am going on a vacation next week with my husband and our two very close friends. I am so excited about the trip....we are going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

I am excited about the trip, but I am so sad to leave my sweet Parker. He is staying with my parents and I compeletly trust them. They spend alot of time with Parker, they know his routine, and they are so great with him. I have just never been away from him (besides when he was in the hospital). I am busy getting everything ready...doctors phone number, important information, all of his clothes and toys. I have to spend more time packing for him than for myself!! It will be a much needed break. The past 7 months have taken a toll on me and my husband! We need some quality time together.

The friends we are going with, Stephen and Sarah, have a new baby too. Their daughter is Sydney and she is 3 weeks younger than Parker. This is the first time they have left her also. At least they will understand my emotions the day we leave!
This is Sydney and Sarah along with me and Parker. Sydney wasnt too happy about her mommy holding someone else!!
I will be sure to update throughout the trip. My sister will also be updating on my blog. I asked her to post things throughout the week about Parker so I can see what they have been doing!!
We leave this Saturday!