Monday, June 30, 2008

Hey This is Amy (Kali's Lil Sis)


So... Kali and Dennis decided to ditch Parker and leave him with us while they go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Saturday was our first day with Parkadoodle.. nothing to exciting happened... we just sat at home while he slept and pooped.

Sunday was interesting.... He went to church with us and when we got there, Dad dropped us off at the door and we could NOT figure out how to get the stroller unfolded! We were sitting there, holding up traffic trying to get the dang stroller unfolded! kind of embarassing!

Anway, he was very good during church he slept pretty much the whole time.

After church, we went to the lake... he slept pretty much the whole way there and the whole way back... while we were there, him and i just hung out and watched keeping up with the kardashians! he LOVED it!! haha

After the lake, we went to Walmart where he had a BLAST!! haha thats him inside the buggy!

So.. anyway, thats pretty much it!
Today has been just like a normal work day!!

Mom was playing with him, hes been in a really good mood all day!

We are trying sooo hard to get him to crawl before mommy and daddy come home!!!