Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sunday was a day of birthday celebration. For lunch we went to Cabot for Dennis' grandmother's 82nd birthday. Dennis's grandma has only seen Parker one other time. She was so excited to see him.....Dennis' whole family was happy to see him!

Dennis, Parker, and Mema Evans

It was also my Dad's birthday. My dad is a huge part of my life and I love him so much!!
We went out to dinner at the Flying Fish for my Dad's birthday. After dinner went back to my parent's house for cake. Dennis and I love hanging out with my family and take every oportunity we have to do things with them.

My Dad loves Parker so much. He is so good with him and they have so much fun playing together!!

Dad and Parker

Dad and Parker playing with his rings

Well, I have tried and tried to get a picture of Parker with his foot in his mouth, but everytime I tried he would look up at me and drop his foot. I finally got a picture so I had to share it with everyone!