Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun at school!

Parker is totally in love with his teacher! Actually he just loves school as a whole...the friends, the routine, his classroom, the kids who sit at his table, recess, he just loves it all!
Last week Parker went on his very first field trip with his class!! They went to the park via SCHOOL BUS!! Oh my, this is all I hear about now.

He got to sit by the window on the way to the park and then on the way back he and his bus buddy switched. He told me that he hugged his buddy on the ride back to school so he could be closer to the window!

This is Parker's playground at school, he is getting pretty darn good at those monkey bars!
Just some pics from my phone of Parker playing after school. We get to play outside now because it has finally cooled down!

This week was spirit week at school and yesterday was hillbilly day. Dennis found an old flannel shirt and cut the sleeves off. I thought he looked hilarious! He also had camo boots with his jeans rolled up. All the teacher told me that they thought he looked like Larry the Cable Guy, ha!!
Just wanted to update on a few fun things going on at school! Next month he gets to ride the bus to the pumpkin patch!! He is already talking about it!