Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No better time

Well, it has been a very long time since I have posted on the good ole blog. It actually became very stressful and daunting to think about updating because so much has happened and we have done so many fun things since March.
I decided that there is no better time to pick back up the blog than on Parker's very first day of K4!!

He was beyond excited! He was very overwhelmed and just could not contain his excitement! He was hugging everyone! He loves routine and school is the perfect place for him, he is so happy!

Over the last few months everything has been great!
*I graduated with my Masters in Nursing and now I am a nurse pracitioner and have a big girl job! It is the perfect job for me and my family. Some days I get sad and overwhelmed when I think about being a full time working mommy but I am figuring it all out =) and I love love love my job!!
*Dennis and I went to Hawaii for a graduation present....so fun!!
*Parker had a great check up with his cardiologist in April
*Dennis had foot surgery a few weeks ago. He is in a big boot but bouncing back quicte nicely!
*We have had lots of fun weekends with friends and family!

Now the blog can start fresh with Parker's first day of K4. I seriously cannot believe how big and grown up he is! I absolutely love his teacher this year, I get teary thinking about her and how God has blessed us this year! Parker will be starting soccer in a few weeks....that should be very entertaining!! We have been practicing not touching the ball with our hands! Lots of fun in the future with this wild and awesome little boy!


The Simmons Family said...

When did our boys grow up? Parker looks great! Congrats on your new job!