Monday, August 27, 2012


This past weekend we had our annual camping trip to Lake Catherine with the Johnson's.
Camping = staying in a two bedroom cabin with air conditioning, kitchen, bathroom and all =)

Im not much of a tent camper. Dennis already has plans for him and Parker to pitch a tent and camp...without me =)
We had so much fun this weekend. The weather was not perfect. It rained on and off but thankfully it never got really hot! The kids had a blast.....

i Building forts!

We had a blast going into town to play putt putt. This was Parker's first time to play golf and he really got excited about it all!
We also did a lot of fishing. The kids would take turns bringing in the fish but, as you can tell, Parker would not touch them! He kept those arms crossed tight when the fish was around.

He was so proud that he could swim this far!! Such a big boy.
It was so nice to spend time with my sweet boys and good friends for a few days. 
Parker has been so good at school and has gotten to pick an item from the treasure chest every week since school started!! This week he chose these silly glasses....
We are so proud of Parker, his teacher is great and he is really loving school. It is amazing how much he has grown up since last year!!