Thursday, October 20, 2011

Report Card

This week we had parent/teacher conferences with Parker's teacher. It is about half way through the semester and they evaluate all the K3 kids and give them a "report card". Parker is doing great. His teacher says he is the best one at memorizing things (bible verses, songs, etc) but he needs some work on letters, writing and coloring. We made some flash cards for his letters/numbers and he has been tracing and drawing every night for a little bit. I know he will catch up quickly, it is just going to take a little extra work at home.

We are also still having some issues with him talking during nap time, but it is getting better every week. There are 9 boys and only 3 girls in his class and I think that has a little do with it =)

I wanted to share this cute video, it is parker saying his pledge of allegience....

YouTube Video

The weather has all of the sudden gotten really cool and Parker has started wearing pants and a sweatshirt to school. He calls his sweatshirt his life jacket...I think he wants it to be summer time again =)


The Simmons Family said...

Parker is getting so big!! We are working on writing letters and numbers as well. Owen, like Parker, can memorize like it's nobody's business, but his writing is scary. :)